To my Seattle hiphop  family, 


Calling all producers, rappers, and singers this Saturday 10/17/2020 , Join me @ pyramid music group 1-6 recording session with some of the dopest producers in the Seattle area including beats from jbattle, Jabr beats, Mercy` Lewis, ROD instrumentals, and more. Come through show love in the booth on a project called Against All Odds Vol 2 An EP where all pf the proceeds are going to charity or just cop a new banger instrumentals for deals on full exclusives. 25% Of all beat sales go to charitable causes as well.

Bring your latest album and rep your swag..  


Masks are required unless you're in the booth recording. Let's get something going and cross fan bases and make some dope music  for em to vibe too

Just a little charity and sales event for everyone to be a part of. To help support two funds that need our help.  


This is a pre amp event fir a bigger event we're gonna throw in the next two months where we're doing a multi session recording structure with some of the biggest names out of Seattle.  The date of these recording sessions are TBD at this point but consider this session a pre requisite to be featured on something huge

50% of the funds are going to support pyramid music group. We all know that Covid has made a big impact on small businesses so here is our chance to give back.


The remaining 50% are going to the link below.   

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