The Magnificent Struggle

'''Jackson Morgan AKA ''jMac-11''''' A Seattle based producer/musician/singer and songwriter. Originally a jazz musician playing saxophone and piano, when introduced to digital music he knew he found his passion. While in city college he was struggling with his sobriety due to the oxycontin/opiate epidemic sweeping the northwest in the 2000's he lost his music scholarship because of accusations of drug use while on a mini tour with the school band. After losing his scholarship he hit his rock bottom, he became homeless, living in vacant apartments in Northgate of Seattle. He admitted himself into a detox facility on February 28th, 2010 and never looked back. After 38 months of the inpatient behavior modification program he graduated a new man on April 21st, 2014. He had to find a way to make a living and with the economy booming he decided to go into the construction field. Quickly rising in the ranks of the industry he learned the trade quickly. He met a girl, who made him a father, but after 2 years of marriage we divorced. Going through the child custody battle, to keep his mind occupied, he worked as much as possible and In 2017 he decided to start his own business. His first business failed not knowing the legalities of business he started a partnership with Jared Goetz, who Jackson looked up to as a mentor/ older brother. Their business flourished quickly becoming a multi-million dollar company. After his son was taken from him by his ex wife he dove nose deep into music. Often writing 3 songs a week and perfecting his craft and finding himself as an artist. He wrote 4 albums worth of music and finally on 11/11/2019 he released his first album A Beautiful Life - The Magnificent Struggle. Jackson decided to release it in a way for it to be an opportunity to give back to his community around him. Although it comes with some scrutiny from peers claiming it to be purely a publicity stunt for attention for his career. Spite criticism from local publicity, Jackson still plans on giving merchandise and copies of his album to homeless people in his city sell for their own personal profit. Hoping that it would help at least one person get on their feet and change their life. He dedicated 50% of album sales to go to the Union Gospel Mission and the other 50%^ to go to The John Volken Academy (the program he graduated from in 2014)

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